As a Gay Man, You Must Know A Few Rules of Texting Etiquette

Sexting has always been a popular pastime for more than a decade. We must all know the sexting rules by now, and there are quite a few hard and fast texting restrictions. However, many gay people still appear to be unsure of how to text.

Therefore,  in this post, we will lay down the basic law for cuckold chat so that gay and bisexual guys can communicate more successfully using these 18 principles of texting etiquette.

  1. Always use a proper exclamation mark during the chat while texting
  2. Always you must respond unless you are super busy
  3. Don’t start your text and then abruptly just stop
  4. Avoid using ‘fine’ or ‘okay’ or any such other single word response, which can easily be considered by the person on the other end as passive-aggressive
  5. Show a reasonable amount of excitement
  6. Avoid going for a certain serious conversation through your text
  7. Avoid writing a long essay to express your feelings
  8. Try to stop by texting with the ‘hey’ word
  9. You should not just stop suddenly in the middle
  10. End your conversation appropriately so the person on the opposite end clearly understands it.
  11. Don’t send any unsolicited nude pictures
  12. Be a little patient while chatting
  13. If you are texting someone to whom you have not texted doe quite some time, you must try to make him or she remember you
  14. Text the person at the other end the moment you feel that you are running late 
  15. Don’t text when already you are chatting with someone
  16. You must always start with your text
  17. Also, you may ask the other person to text
  18. You must have a realistic expectation

We hope the rules are not too exhaustive to apply while you are sexting.