different kinds of modern sex toys you will be amazed to know

The topic of ‘sex toys’ is something which is very less spoken about. But after coming to know about the various health benefits and all the positive aspects of sex toys, you too might like to speak about it and know more about it.

When it comes to sex toys, we often think of the idea of masturbation. But, sex-toys are the ones that can be used even between two partners. According to a bluechew review, there are various ways how one can use a sex toy for pleasing themselves.

In this modern era, innovative minds, smart thinking, and advanced technologies have made various kinds of sex toys that you could barely think of. Some of them are so realistically designed that they resemble a real human body having every single external body parts.

Various modern sex toys you will be amazed to know are:


This is the male version of a vibrator. It is more of a myth that a vibrator is just meant for the females. The males out there can also use vibrators for pleasing themselves. It is a machine having the shape of the vagina. The guy can insert his penis inside the machine and can feel the goodness of the vibrations of different patterns. These machines also come with adjustable intensity of vibrations. One can adjust the intensity based on their needs.

The doll:

A female doll is the one that resembles a real human. Even the texture and the feel of the sex toys are just like a real human. A man can have all the things he wants to do with that to please himself. If we look at it from a different perspective, we will get to know that these dolls can also decrease the rate of rapes. The number of rape victims is increasing with the drastic rate. But with these anime sex toys around, these rates can be lowered.

The lush:

It is a newly invented sex toy. Though it looks like a normal vibrator. Here are many things more about it. The vibrations are powerful and more sensitive. And most surprisingly, it is controllable with the help of the internet from any corner of the world. So, in case of a long distant relationship, your partner can send you vibrations, from any part of the damn world. This can give you an unlimited experience of having pleasure.

There are more and more niche options available for you, according to the bluechew review, with the new and innovative sex toys. It means, no matter what your sexual needs are, there is a perfect sex toy somewhere out there in the market to meet those needs. The advanced sex toys of these days come with different sizes and shapes with different functionalities to serve you in ideal ways. Also, the health benefits that they offer add a cherry to the cake. A study says that, with the use of a female vibrator, the vaginal walls can get firmer.