How to find love on the internet?

Ah, the internet! What a wonderful tool! So much so that no one today could imagine doing without it. Need to know absolutely the schedules of the post office? To find a good Sushi for this girlfriend that you have not seen for ages and who arrives in ten minutes? Or even only, to prove to your colleague that he is wrong? One answer: the internet! So, of course, when so many people find themselves in the same place to search, why not take advantage of it to find the thing we all seek? Love with a big A!

Apple is a man or a woman as a confident singer was saying!

And it’s all a program! Indeed, to find love, on the net, what is more, is to take the risk of having the choice. Too many options. Ladies and gentlemen if you want sustainable, you have to sort! The dating sites are like big train stations: people come from everywhere, some have just landed, others have been there for a longer time, but all are eager to go back to other horizons. Do not be like them! No need to rush to find the right person. Let’s see, do you want to leave with the first surfer to come and discover afterward, that the latter is an absolute fan of soundtracks based on crying babies? Be sure what you want but also what you are willing to compromise on.

Opposites attract

Learn to know your potential “crush”! Be curious, show yourself in your best day and talk about him/her. Do not stand on your opinions, remember that you are going to meet your soul mate, and it is very unlikely to be the replica of the idea that you had made it. Grow the difference! Of course, it is nice to share passions with his companion or companion, but it soon becomes boring to talk only about what brings us closer. Do not be afraid to discover new things; maybe even you will enjoy them with him/her!

Birds of a feather flock together

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However! If you do not have to share all your interests, you still need to find topics or values that you agree with! Common ground essential to the creation of a happy couple. All this goes through the knowledge of the other! That’s pretty good, you’re here to talk, and you have all your time. Do not be stingy in question, you have the right, and you must inquire before taking such a step forward! Be sure that this person will be there in case of a hard blow or that the discussion will always be possible, because as we say so well: “to be in a relationship is to know how to solve problems that we would not have had everything alone.” Or again: “Love is looking together in the same direction.” Ah, those proverbs.